Which U.S. President played football at Whittier College?

Which U.S. President played football at Whittier College?

Listed at 5-foot-11 and 175 pounds, Richard M. Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, played football at Whittier College before he graduated in 1934.

The offensive guard wasn’t very good at the sport and never advanced beyond the third team.

“He wasn’t cut out to play the sport,” one teammate said years later. “[He was] cannon fodder.”

Though he wasn’t very good at playing sports, Nixon used sports more than other U.S. president as a way to cross chasms that were previously thought impossible. Nixon used ping pong to engage China and often discussed baseball, football, and other sports with reporters as a way to show his “common man” side. An avid bowler, Nixon even had a bowling alley installed in the White House to help him work out frustrations with a few games.

Richard Nixon (No. 23) on the Whittier College football team.


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