Law & Order: Gangsters, Vices, Military, Geopolitics …

At the Sport of History, we freely admit a partiality to the G's stories: gangsters, gambling, government scandals, girls, guns, and, of course, the occasional game. The working theory behind our stories here at SOH is that every story in human history can fall into one of four categories: Commerce, Entertainment, Religion, and Law & Order.

This page is dedicated to the largest category of those four: Law & Order. Covering everything from famous felons and criminal acts to military actions, geopolitics, vices (drinking, drugs, sex) and government involvement that is often purposefully hidden, these stories are guaranteed to make you look at global history in a whole new way.



Richard Nixon #baseball digi-card

March 14, 2017

RICHARD NIXON former U.S. president, vice president On May 13, 1958, the motorcade of then-Vice President Richard Nixon was attacked while on a diplomatic mission [MORE …]


D-Day and MLB players

January 31, 2017

  By Scott A. Rowan It only seems appropriate that a baseball player named Larry French should be remembered and honored for his service in [MORE …]


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